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PlayDraft NFL Week 15: Lineups, Rankings and Strategy

Hi everybody and welcome back to week 15 of PlayDraft NFL. This week brings the first round of Saturday games so make sure you are aware of that as you will likely have interest in getting some of the Saturday players on your roster so make an effort to try to do your drafts before Saturday if at all possible. Also this week, there are some interesting injury storylines yet to play out. The biggest is Aaron Rodgers as he immediately becomes a top 5 option at QB if he plays and you can swap Davante Adams in my rankings for Jordy Nelson (as Nelson is the main target for Rodgers, while Adams is the only receiver who has been prospering under Brett Hundley). Additionally, if Alvin Kamara suits up, he should move into the top 3 or 4 at RB while bouncing Mark Ingram down about 5 or 6 spots. Keep these thoughts in mind when approaching your drafts. Also, remember that if somebody is hurt and inactive, DRAFT lets you pick a replacement before the game starts so there’s no harm in taking guys like Rodgers or Kamara in the later rounds since you’ll have the option of replacing them later if they don’t play.


  1. Tom Brady
  2. Drew Brees
  3. Cam Newton
  4. Matt Ryan
  5. Russell Wilson
  6. Dak Prescott
  7. Ben Roethlisberger
  8. Philip Rivers
  9. Kirk Cousins
  10. Matt Stafford

Running Backs

  1. LeVeon Bell
  2. LeSean McCoy
  3. Mark Ingram
  4. Todd Gurley
  5. Melvin Gordon
  6. Devonta Freeman
  7. Jordan Howard
  8. Kenyan Drake
  9. Kareem Hunt
  10. Leonard Fournette
  11. Jamaal Williams
  12. DeMarco Murray
  13. Carlos Hyde
  14. Marshawn Lynch
  15. Rex Burkhead
  16. Alfred Morris
  17. Lamar Miller
  18. Samaje Perine
  19. Latavius Murray
  20. LeGarrette Blount
  21. Alex Collins
  22. Theo Riddick

Wide Receiver/Tight Ends

  1. Antonio Brown
  2. AJ Green
  3. Julio Jones
  4. Michael Thomas
  5. Rob Gronkowski
  6. Keenan Allen
  7. Adam Thielen
  8. Doug Baldwin
  9. Travis Kelce
  10. DeMaryius Thomas
  11. Dez Bryant
  12. Davante Adams
  13. Devin Funchess
  14. DeAndre Hopkins
  15. Golden Tate
  16. Sterling Shepard
  17. Larry Fitzgerald
  18. Michael Crabtree
  19. Josh Gordon
  20. Robby Anderson
  21. Mike Evans

3 Team Strategy

I’m feeling a big week for Cam Newton this week but I also think we can wait a little bit on him in at least the 3 team options if not the other leagues. I don’t mind any of the top end RB this week although of course I prefer the top couple and I’m not entirely sold on the lower half of the top WR this week so I’m focusing my attention there. I’d go with WR-WR-RB-RB-QB just to really shore up my WR position.

6 Team Strategy

Once again, I really want Cam Newton here and I think he may slip to 4th or 5th QB taken so I think you can wait (not until last round but 3rd or 4th anyways). I really don’t want the bottom end of the RB in the 6 team options and I feel okay about the bottom end of WR as compared to my other options. I’m going WR-RB-RB-QB-WR here.

10 Team Strategy

I’m committed to taking Cam in the 3rd round of these drafts (I’m going all-in this week) and beyond that, I just want to balance my other two positions out as much as possible. I want a RB and WR out of my first two rounds and I want to do the same in my last two rounds. Ideally, I’d be taking a WR with my last pick to try to avoid some of the questionable options at the end of the RB pool. My preferred order would be WR-RB-QB-RB-WR.

That’s it for this week my friends! Get out there and win some drafts! As usual, don’t be afraid to holler at me in the comment section below!

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