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Roto Street Journal Team Breakdown: Strengths & Needs *APPLY NOW*

RSJ Team Overview

Roster Makeup

Spearheaded by a current special education teacher turned Fantasy Expert, the Roto Street Journal is composed of loosely connected parties glued together by three common factors:

  1. Our incurable fantasy addictions
  2. Our #BigFantasyBrains due to aforementioned addictions
  3.  Our desire to chase the American Dream and use our addictions / #BigFantasyBrains to take over the fantasy world

Whether a friendly acquaintance from high school, to said acquaintance’s cousins, to former teaching partners and every mild link in between, we love the game, each other, and brainstorming ways to revolutionize the industry. Consider our story the demon baby of Entourage, The League, and Silicon Valley.

Team Goals

Just like with his fantasy picks, The Wolf is all about chasing ceilings and maximizing upside. Thus, we are not content making a mere “name for ourselves” in the fantasy world. While this becoming our full-time “jobs” would be sweet, our ambitions stretch far wider. This is about legacy.

In short, we want to revolutionize how fantasy football content is created and delivered.  Though this industry is jam-packed with sites and content (much of it horseshit, Matthew Berry), there’s so much untapped upside and possibilities that rising above the groupthink noise is entirely possible.

A main step at achieving this goal is to have our content driven by user needs & content creation. We want to answer every fantasy question out there, and help all hilarious fantasy material (side bets, punishments, trash talk) go viral. We want to become the face of Fantasy Football video and audio content, in addition to the top-notch writing. We want to bring utility both by educating and entertaining at the highest levels.

This is about becoming the face of the Rotosphere, and going down as the GOAT Fantasy Football Site when all’s said and done.

Strengths & Needs

Though these ambitions our lofty, our multitude of strengths and keen awareness of our need areas make this “Dream” very real.

RSJ Strengths & Values

Our team has a multitude of strengths.  Though we all bring unique skills and perspectives to the table, all of us demonstrate the following six core values that serve as our pillars. In no particular order, since they are each of equal importance:

  • Hustle  – Effort, drive, motivation, productivity. Essentially, getting shit done with no excuses. Working hard, smart, and fast. Taking initiative and not sitting around waiting to be told. Just DOING.. We can out hustle every fantasy site out there.
  • Talent:  Our writing team consists of contributors at major blogs like SB Nation and English majors from some of the nation’s finest colleges.  We have a professional audio-technician that produces our podcast in between touring sessions with bands like Creed (yes, we can take you higher). We have personalities that were born for the big screen, and someday will be there. And of course, our fantasy talent is a natural byproduct of our addictions. Regardless of the skillset and position, we only accept the best of best.
  • Passion / Commitment: This is the easy one, since this comes with addiction. Yet, our team members show an avid love and motivation for both fantasy and what we’re creating here. We’re all in it for the long haul, and only want members willing to run this marathon alongside us with equal fervor.
  • Ingenuity + Innovation: Perhaps the most important of all factors, we are built of forward-thinkers who are constantly brainstorming unique content and distribution ideas to make a David Johnson like emergence. We recognize the need to differentiate from this dense fantasy pack, and strive to put out the most unique, game-changing content, in the most creative ways, on the most untapped channels. Plenty of flags still need to be planted throughout the Rotosphere, and we intend to nail them all down with authority.
  • Consistency / Dependability:  We get done what we promise, no excuses. Our reliability let’s us maximize publishing times and leverage our creativity, while forming a strong company culture of togetherness and commitment.
  • Authenticity / Honesty:  Arguably the greatest part of working here is the ability to be your truest self. We won’t filter out your true voice, but rather feed it. In turn, we foster an honest team who work harmoniously with no bullshit to sift through.

Positions and Areas of Need:

As deep and talented as our current roster is, we still have some gaps that need filling if we are to reach our huge goals:

1) Video Production Team:  We list “team” because we have humongous visions for Video Production, chiefly creating a Fantasy TV channel. We think unique video could be the number one way to differentiate in this industry right now, and thus have major visions for live broadcasts, pre-recorded “episodes,” and a variety of social media content. We are in dire need of videographers, editors, broadcast production specialists, and social media content creators. This is our number one priority and a need we would like to fill ASAP.

2) Web Designer / Resident Nerd:  Our site is beautiful, and well-above industry standards right now. Still, we strive for the highest possible level.  As such, we would love a go-to “WordPress / Web Design” expert who can help us optimize the site’s look and user-experience. From creating player cards to maximizing the sites layout and designs, someone with more “technical” and “code-related” experience would be invaluable to our team right now.

3) Writers:  Though our writing staff is already among the most informative, entertaining, and technically-sound in the business, we have plenty of content ideas in need of execution. If you’re ready to share your knowledge, creativity, and passion with the world as your most authentic self, plus have the grammatical chops so that hand-holding is not necessary, then we would love to try you out. We ask for a minimum of one article a week, with your availability as your only limit.

How to Apply:

Equally motivated to take over the fantasy world and join a venture with the upside, versatility, and raw potential of Tyreek Hill?

Aligned with our six core values?

See an area of need you’re ready to fill at the highest possible level?

Then apply now!

Contact us at in a way that stands out and let us know what you bring to the table. Just title your email: Interest in ________ (Video Production, Web Design, Writing, or the always intriguing ‘Other’), and show off your skills with a sample, explanation of skills, resume, or in however manner you see fit.


  • Founder of Roto Street Journal. Lover of workhorse backs, target hog wideouts, and Game of Thrones. Aspiring to be the "Brady" and "Leo" of the fantasy universe.

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