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Fantasy Football Winners and Losers of Week 6

Hey everyone.

I wrote a quick list of some guys who brought you a lot of pleasure if you started them, followed by a list of guys who would have brought you whatever the opposite of that is.  I want to say the opposite of pleasure is pain, but I feel like when fantasy football is involved, pain isn’t a strong enough word.  If you are a serious fantasy player, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So here they are the guys who made the air seem crisper, your food taste better, and your shitty job not seem so terrible to go back to on Monday.  And then I’ll hit you with a group of guys who made you yell at your dog for no reason, decide your neighbor is banging your wife with no evidence at all to support that claim, and who made your Irritable Bowel Syndrome flare up.

Fantasy Winners

Drew Brees      465 yards passing, 4 TDs, 45 fantasy points

Let’s just stick to the basics: Drew Brees is averaging around 350 yards passing a game.  He is hitting loads of different receivers every time he goes out there.  The Saints have a top 5 scoring offense, and it’s almost all throwing.  You have to believe Brees will pass for 5000 yards and 35-40 TDs this year.  He will be at or near the top of this list several more times moving forward.  Start him.  If you don’t have him, trade for him.  If you can’t trade for him, go out and buy some Wranglers and pretend you are him.

Lesean McCoy    140 yards rushing, 3 TDs, 35 fantasy points

Yes, yes, we all know Jay Ajayi actually scored 37 fantasy points to lead all RBs.  So why isn’t he the guy perched atop the running back winners’ list?  Well, because Ayaji is only 42% owned in ESPN leagues, and only 5% started him.  So for the 5% of you who forgot to check your lineups and left Jay Ayaji in by accident, congratulations.  You achieved the equivalent of blindfolding yourself, walking across a busy 6 lane freeway, and finding a briefcase full of money on the other side.

For those of you who started LeSean McCoy (on purpose)–wow!  McCoy is a serious bad ass, and he was damn near unstoppable Sunday.  And yes, we all know the 49ers stink.  But come on, McCoy rushed for 150 yards last week.  If you drew up a Venn diagram and had a category representing people who still doubt McCoy, I bet there would be some overlap with people who think Rob Gronkowski would be a solid choice as a babysitter for your kids.  We generally refer to that overlap as the Idiot Demographic, and we tend not to listen to them.

Odell Beckham, Jr.    222 yards receiving, 2 TDs on 8 of 10 targets, 45 fantasy points

At halftime, I’m pretty sure Odell Beckham had 3 fantasy points.  I received the following text from a good friend of mine at 2:09 PM: “Odell Beckham is truly awful”.   At 2:39 PM I received a text from the same person that said, “There’s just no hope for Shepard or ODB because Eli can’t get them the ball.”  Well, as it turned out he was half right (see: Fantasy Losers, below).  But in the hour or so that followed, ODB torched the Ravens in just about every conceivable way, reminding us all that his talent has NEVER been the issue.  NEVER.  With Eli as his QB, is there a chance he’ll put up some more terrible statistical games?  Absolutely.  Could we see some more like this one?  No question about it.  Anyone who passed up a chance to buy low or even medium this past week blew it.

Rob Gronkowski   162 yards and 1 TD receiving on 7 of 9 targets       30 fantasy points 

While I completely stand by my earlier stated opinion that Gronk would make a lousy babysitter (unless you wanted your children doing keg stands), I concede that he is an outstanding tight end.  With Tom Brady back and Martellus Bennett playing TE on the other side, it seems pretty much impossible to stop him.  The 162 yards Gronk put up were a career high, and it kind of felt like he could have had more.  If he’s healthy, he’s the best.  And he’s healthy.

Fantasy Losers

Ben Roethlisberger    19/34 for 189 yards passing    1 TD, 2 INT     11 fantasy points

The Steelers are an interesting bunch.  They have looked like the best team in football a couple different weeks this year, and just when we are all about to buy in they get absolutely destroyed by a team no one thought much of before they played the Steelers.  Look at the Eagles—they beat the Browns and the Bears and no one gave a shit.  Then they beat the Steelers and all of a sudden they were the real thing.  Well since then they’ve lost to the Lions and the Redskins.  And the Steelers… well, the Steelers just got killed by the Dolphins and Big Ben looked like garbage in the process.  A game like this stings like crazy, because anyone who had Ben was rolling him out against the Fins.  I know most of this paragraph has been about the Eagles, so here’s some more while we’re at it: look at their schedule.  If the Eagles are 3-8 or 3-9 in a couple of months it wouldn’t be crazy.  And it is possible that their win over the Steelers wasn’t quite as amazing a notch on their belt as everyone thought.

After I wrote this article, it came out that Roethlisberger suffered a torn meniscus and will be having surgery Monday.  This helps to explain his lousy performance, but in the scheme of things makes him an even bigger Loser fantasy-wise.  We wish him a speedy recovery.

Jeremy Hill    38 yards on 13 carries     4 fantasy points 

I almost feel dirty putting Hill in this article, because at this point he doesn’t even deserve the words.  He’s done nothing but stink all year.  A couple years back he was my first (1st) round pick in a fantasy league.  Now he looks just a slight cut above Trent Richardson.  And when the Bengals had 1st and goal from the 1 yard line against the Patriots, they didn’t even think of going to their “touchdown back”.  Instead, they got stuffed using other guys—because they decided those other guys were better options.  Anyone hoping Hill was a good buy low is correct—you will definitely be able to buy him low if you want to.  And assuming you do that, rat poison is also inexpensive if you’re just out looking for ways to horribly torture yourself.

Sterling Shepard     25 yards on 4-8 targets      6 fantasy points (Eli had 403 yards and 3 TDs)

Whoa boy.  Over the course of the first 3 weeks of the season Shepard averaged 17 fantasy points a game and looked like a bona fide star.  Well, over his last 3 games he’s averaging 5.  And while you could certainly hang some of that on his totally inept quarterback, Eli Manning, this week Eli blew up for over 400 yards in the air and 3 TDs.  Surely with numbers like that up for grabs Shepard figures to cash in, right?  Wrong.  Nothing.  You have to wonder if this guy is even startable moving forward.  Personally, I’m not really buying Eli Manning at all–so it’s hard to buy Shepard.

Zach Ertz     22 yards, 1 reception on 3 targets    3 fantasy points 

Ah, the Eagles.  They’re 3-0!  They killed the Steelers!  They’re going to absolutely run away with the NFC East!  Well… not exactly (see above rant). And here’s a spoiler alert: Zach Ertz sucks.  As long as he’s part of your equation for success you should be running for the hills when it comes to most things Philadelphian.  Maybe he’s due???  Or… maybe he’s just showing you EXACTLY who he is week after week and you should be fucking paying attention.

Panthers Defense    41 points allowed, 523 yards of offense allowed,   -5 fantasy points

Remember when there was a time in the not so distant past that playing against the Panthers’ defense meant you were hoping to put up a few field goals and not have your quarterback carried out on a stretcher?  Well, I guess the opposite of that is giving up 523 yards of total offense and losing after having 41 points scored on you by a 1-3 team the week after losing to another 1-3 team on national TV.  These are the 2016 Carolina Panthers.  This is a 1-5 football team.  If you start their defense moving forward, you do so at your own risk.  Have they hit rock bottom?  Could the pool possibly be any deeper?  I, for one, am dying to know.

Reality Winner

The Cowboys beat the piss out of the Packers at Lambeau on Sunday, and looked damn impressive doing it.  This is at least the second week in a row I have thought Dallas was going to get knocked off their high horse, and I have been wrong by miles both times.  I have no choice but to respect them as a very good team, and I have no choice but to acknowledge Dak Prescott as a legit NFL QB–and this is hard for me to swallow, as the Cowboys are probably around my 29th or 30th favorite football team.  But I’m not going to bull shit.  I know a winner when I see one.  So does Tony Romo, which is why he is probably already sending resumes out to various NFL pregame shows.

Reality Loser

Aaron Rodgers getting booed at Lambeau?  And you know, although I don’t love it when I guy who has done a lot for a city gets turned on usually, dare I say he kind of deserves it?  Rodgers made a couple absolutely horrendous Ryan Fitzpatrick-like throws on Sunday that left me (and the city of Green Bay) scratching our respective heads.  Rodgers is essentially in a year-long slump, minus maybe 1 game.  When you add that he has probably the biggest douchebag on the planet for a brother who is now famous, it has been a rough year for Aaron Rodgers.  Yes, he has a very hot girlfriend.  Yes, he is a millionaire many times over.  Yes, he is much more talented and better looking than his ass-clown brother.  But he used to have all those things AND be really good at football, too.  Now, not so much.


  • The Truth is the oldest (and wisest) member of the RSJ team. He loves reality TV, is skeptical of pass catching running backs, and thinks John Elway is the greatest quarterback of all time.


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