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Hating and Loving ESPN’s Matthew Berry’s Love/Hate Article for 2016

Matthew Berry is a name that is well known in the fantasy world because he works for the sports media juggernaut that is ESPN.  I have used his information numerous times in the past and I actually believe it was helpful.  Then again, this was during a time when fantasy football related websites/posts were uncommon.  Here we are in 2016, RotoStreetJournal is one of many sites competing for eyes, as men, women and children look for any sort of competitive advantage for their upcoming season.  The point of this blog, isn’t to rip apart Matthew Berry, because I believe he played a role in paving the way for sites like RotoStreet.  The point of this post is to remind Berry, that he is a fantasy sports writer and he needs to be better.

Year after year he comes out with his Love/Hate story and every year I find myself angry. Let’s break this year’s post down into numerous parts.

The Beginning… He took his entire press release from ESPN regarding his 5-year extension, and put it into the Love/Hate article.  Outside of the fact that nobody gives a shit about the release, he only put it in his post so people trust his picks rather than looking at last years advice (We’ll get into that later),  IT’S 646 FUCKING WORDS LONG. News flash Matt, I can call you Matt because of all the other pointless stories you have included in the past, I now I feel like I know you on a personal level.

Nobody cares about the press release outside of your family and friends.

So what does Matt do next?  He includes ANOTHER press release, this time it’s his attempt at humor and acting like a humble hero while discussing his failures.  EXCEPT THIS TIME, IT’S 973 FUCKING WORDS LONG.  Are you kidding me Matt?!  Does this guy have no sense of self awareness?  I’m happy for you that you kept pushing and followed your dream to achieve success, a small percentage of people can say they have done that.  On the other hand, people are doing research for their seasons and it’s probably not a great idea to remind them of how bad you can be at this job when trying to gain their trust.

Then, Matt goes on a rant pumping up Shark Tark because you know, Disney owns ESPN and ABC, so why not promote Shark Tank with a stupid fucking analogy about shirts.  He even says… “I seem to have lost my way. Whatever. Five-year deal. Word count means nothing to me. (Editor’s note: Don’t I know it!)”  No shit Matt, no shit.  All this fluff does is make me feel like you think, “Hmmm my picks haven’t been great recently, but if I remind everyone I signed an extension with ESPN, they will remember the beginning of the article more than what they actually came here for, the fantasy advice.”

As a frame of reference for how long those press releases were, as of right now this post is 504 words.

Let’s take a look at Matt’s picks from last year.  In case you are wondering, it took him 1852 words before he got to fantasy sports in his last article.  Absolute joke, almost as much of a joke as the picks that he loved last year. Jeremy Hill, Alfred Morris, Frank Gore, Andre Johnson, LeGarrette Blount, Lions’ running backs, Cleveland’s running backs, and Joseph Randle were among the names that he picked. I can’t imagine he finished any higher than 10th place, let alone make the playoffs, in any league he was in last year if he only drafted the players he loved.

Back to this year, let’s go down his list of Love/Hates:


(Keep in mind our thoughts on when to draft a QB)


Tom Brady – Obviously Love

Drew Brees – Currently going off the board as the 6th ranked QB, I agree with his love. That’s too low for a guy as consistent as Brees.

Kirk Cousins – I’m on the fence with this pick. I agree that his receiving core is top notch, but he really only put it together from week 7 on. I think the value is there for when you can get him, but draft a second QB in case he can’t replicate his success.

Tyrod Taylor – I can’t say I agree with every single one of his picks, so I’m making my stance here. Sammy Watkins is always hurt and he doesn’t have much else on the outside.

Matthew Stafford – This would be a guy I recommend grabbing as the 2nd QB if you do take Cousins. He was a different player with Bob Cooter as the offensive coordinator and I love the addition of Marvin Jones.


Any QB Drafted in the first four rounds –  Absolutely 100% agree

Ben Roethlisberger – Spot On

Blake BortlesI like Bortles this year.  The addition of Chris Ivory should open up more opportunities in the passing game and Allen Robinson is a STUD, not to mention he will have a healthy Julius Thomas for the entire season.

Running Backs


Lamar Miller – Our love of Lamar Miller is well documented in our RB PPR rankings and in our recent stock report.  Lamar Miller is dubbed to have season for the ages.

LeSean McCoy – I do like McCoy this year now that Karlos Williams ate himself out of a job. I’m going with like, but not love; only because he has a lot of miles on those tires and was hurt last year.

C.J. Anderson – I do not love C.J. He had to split time with Ronnie fucking Hillman last year and now Devontae Booker is in the mix.

Frank Gore – If this guy is in a spot other than flex or bench on your roster, congratulations, you played yourself.

Dion Lewis – I’ll give Matt the benefit of the doubt here, because the Lewis surgery was announced after this article came out. Either way, I would have disagreed with him because you haven’t been able to trust a Patriots running back since Corey Dillon.

Matt Jones – I guess the value is here at his current ADP. Realistically the entire Washington backfield is a mess and I would only play them if I needed a bye week start.

Rashad Jennings – Love this pick at his ADP. Although I have no idea why Matt Jones is ranked ahead of him.


Devonta Freeman – Come on Matt, you have him as your RB10?! I understand not believing he won’t repeat last year’s success, but having him as your RB10 is asinine.

Latavius Murray – Strongly disagree here. So much so that I wrote an entire blog about why you should target him two weeks ago.

DeMarco Murray – I disagree here as well. Murray is Matt’s 25th ranked RB. The Titans have made a commitment to improving their O-line and I credit Murray’s poor 2015 production partly to Chip Kelly. Murray is a down hill runner and was forced to run from Shotgun the entire year. He won’t be 2014 Demarco, but no way in hell will you find 24 running backs better than him.

T.J. Yeldon – Agree 100%. I’m avoiding him in all formats like I avoid talking about feelings with my fiancé.

Wide Receivers


Brandin Cooks – Who doesn’t love Brandin Cooks?  Assholes, that’s who.

Randall Cobb – Cobb will bounce back this year if Jordy Nelson can stay healthy.

Keenan Allen – How could you not love Keenan Allen.  He was on pace for 134 receptions, 178 targets, 1450 yards and 8 TDs before going down with an injury last year. Sign me up.

Golden Tate – I don’t love Mr. Tate but I don’t hate him either. He’s kind of like a hand job; if it’s there I’ll take it, but I’m not overly excited about it. I think Marvin Jones is the real star in Detroit this year.

John Brown – Don’t love him. I owned him last year and he is very dependent on the big play. Mix that with his constant injury concerns, and he is a headache to own.

DeVante Parker – Love DeVante this year.

Jordan Matthews – I think this one is a joke. Matthews can’t catch the ball and couldn’t thrive in Chip Kelly’s up tempo offense. He sucks, plain and simple.

Torrey Smith – I’m being punked now. Who do you want to throw you the ball, Blaine Gabbart or Colin Kaepernick? I would rather let two midgets alternate kicking me in the ball bag than depend on either of those two for fantasy production.


Alshon Jeffery – Injuries are the only reason I agree with him being on this side.

T.Y. HiltonDonte Moncrief is the guy to own in Indy. Hilton makes for a nice WR3 but I don’t love him beyond that.

Doug Baldwin – Couldn’t agree more. An incredible TD run at the end of last year has us forgetting the previous seasons of mediocrity.

Allen Hurns, Laquon Treadwell, and Ted Ginn – Classic Berry saying he hates these guys only to add more unnecessary words to this novel. If you loved any of these guys , stop what your doing and give yourself a dead leg, idiot.

Tight Ends


Jordan Reed – Great job helping the general public with this one Matt. He’s only the second ranked tight end, I don’t think people were figuring this one out themselves.

Zach Ertz – I like the pick. Also, if you need a good fantasy team name roll with “My Ball Zach Ertz.”

Zach Miller – Jay Cutler couldn’t get Martellus Bennett the rock enough, yet we are going to trust Zach Miller.  Give me a break Matt.


Tyler Eifert and Ladarius Green – One guy who is hurt and the other might retire… Don’t draft them Matt?… You don’t say?!


In conclusion, Mr. Berry has some great picks in 2016 that I definitely agree with, but he also wasted so much of my time with bullshit. His Love/Hate articles are the equivalent of a Quentin Tarantino movie or a Metallica song; some good parts, but way fucking longer than it needs to be.


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