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DRAFT NFL Week 8: Lineups, Rankings and Strategy

Hi everybody, welcome to week 8 of PlayDraft DFS Strategy. I want to apologize for last week. When transferring my list of quarterbacks over to the article, I had Dak Prescott ranked 5 at the position and somehow skipped over his name when inputting my QBs so he ended up not being listed at all. Obviously, I was not on target with him even at 5, but he definitely should have been ranked and I apologize for missing that. I’ll make sure that I double and triple check this week!

QB Rankings

  1. Drew Brees
  2. Tom Brady
  3. Carson Wentz
  4. Cam Newton
  5. Philip Rivers
  6. Jameis Winston
  7. Dak Prescott
  8. DeShaun Watson
  9. Derek Carr
  10. Russell Wilson

RB Rankings

  1. Le’Veon Bell
  2. Ezekiel Elliott
  3. Melvin Gordon
  4. LeSean McCoy
  5. Jordan Howard
  6. Devonta Freeman
  7. Kareem Hunt
  8. Mark Ingram
  9. Jay Ajayi
  10. Lamar Miller
  11. Christian McCaffrey
  12. Doug Martin
  13. Carlos Hyde
  14. Joe Mixon
  15. Jerrick McKinnon
  16. LeGarrette Blount
  17. Javorius Allen
  18. Latavius Murray
  19. Duke Johnson
  20. Frank Gore
  21. CJ Anderson
  22. Ameer Abdullah

WR/TE Rankings

  1. Antonio Brown
  2. AJ Green
  3. Julio Jones
  4. Mike Evans
  5. Michael Thomas
  6. Dez Bryant
  7. Rob Gronkowski
  8. Michael Crabtree
  9. Doug Baldwin
  10. Adam Thielen
  11. Brandin Cooks
  12. Kelvin Benjamin
  13. DeAndre Hopkins
  14. DeMaryius Thomas
  15. Keenan Allen
  16. Tyreek Hill
  17. Zach Ertz
  18. TY Hilton
  19. Pierre Garcon
  20. Marvin Jones

3 Team Strategy

I like all 3 of my top QB options this week, while I know Carson Wentz doesn’t have the same name value as the other two, he’s been playing as well or better and I feel fine relying on him. Really, I want two of the top handful of RB options this week, if possible, and I’m fine with waiting on the other positions here. I’d go RB-RB-WR-WR-QB for the 3 team drafts.

6 Team Strategy

I feel pretty comfortable with the later WR options this week so I want to wait at that position. I still want a top end RB and I also want a top level QB if possible for a 6 team league. Taking a QB in the second round may seem high but it guarantees a top one and still lets you focus on getting at least one top end RB in round 1. I’d go with RB-QB-RB-WR-WR.

10 Team Strategy

I’ve advocated for a top end QB in the 3 and 6 team drafts but I can’t do it here. The low end of the RB and WR pools get pretty crappy so I think I’m okay with going low end at QB to avoid having to take on the dregs of those other positions. I’m still leaning RB over WR for the first round but anything after that is fair game for best available. I’d look to roll with RB-WR-RB-WR-QB.

That’s it for this week! Get out there and win some drafts! Also, as usual, please don’t be shy about asking questions or commenting in the area below!

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