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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Adds Week 13

Hello everybody and welcome back to yet another week of Waiver Wire Adds. This has been a fairly slow week for action across Major League Baseball, which qualifies as a positive. Most closers are staying steady and there haven’t been as many high impact DL moves as has been the norm. This week I would like to highlight one young stud in particular (again) and a returning pitcher you should note. On to the adds!

Dan Straily, SP, Miami Marlins (57% Owned On Yahoo):

Dan Straily is 57% owned which is on the high side of players that I like to focus on, but I’m making an exception because he really should be owned in close to 100% of leagues at this point. Straily has a 3.43 ERA with a 1.1 Whip and he’s averaging just over 9 Ks per inning this year. In a season when pitching is down across the board and longballs seem to be flying out of every park, these are numbers that need to be noticed. I think many people like to focus on name recognition and ignore the boring names like Straily, but these are the kinds of sneaky players that can win you championships. While Straily’s overall performance has been valuable, even more noticeable is that he has only let up 11 earned runs total over the course of 8 home games. That’s a 2.17 ERA at home and has happened over a large enough sample size to have some legs. If you need a #3/4 type starting pitcher for your team, Straily can fill that role with ease and may surprise you with better.

Stephen Piscotty, OF, St. Louis Cardinals (46% Owned On Yahoo):

Stephen Piscotty was a fantasy darling for many entering this season but it appears the shine has worn off and he’s been dropped in a large number of leagues. While Piscotty had a slow start to the season, he’s been fairly hot of late with a .333 average and 2 home runs over the past week and a .293 average over the past month. He’s a player who’s capable of keeping a decent average with moderate power throughout the remainder of the season and with many outfielders injured or under producing this year, Piscotty could be a great starter for any team in need of outfield depth.

Carlos Rodon, SP, Chicago White Sox (41% Owned On Yahoo):

This is the returning pitcher I alluded to in the opening. I want to clarify my position on Carlos Rodon right from the start here. There is a very high possibility that Rodon is going to suck. I am not advocating a pickup for everybody, because you have to do things a very certain way with a player like this. For starters, Rodon was a highly hyped prospect who has done a good job of providing Ks for his owners over the past two seasons but a lackluster ERA and a hurtful Whip. There have been starts and stretches for Rodon where he looks unhittable and then he’ll have those starts where the wheels fall off. He has the stuff to be successful and he racks up the Ks to prove that, but the question has always been about his ability to avoid walks and big hits. Based on his rough minor league rehab outings and the fact that his injury was to his biceps (which may necessitate a change in his delivery) it is reasonable to expect some rust with Rodon and be aware that his Ks may be down. However, if Rodon is able to pitch up to some of his potential, he could be a gem over the second half this year. What I would advise, for those that can afford to do this, is to pick up Rodon and sit him on your bench. Don’t let him into your starting lineup for the first 2-3 games that he pitches. If he gets shelled, then move on from him. If he looks like he still can’t find the plate and walks too many, then move on. If he does in fact change the delivery and it seems to be affecting his Ks, move on. If, however, you see Rodon pitch and he looks like he’s warming up, you may have an asset to help you after the All Star Break. I will be watching Rodon intently and I’ll talk about him in my opener in two weeks based on what I see, but since he’s coming back this week, you really need to make the move now if you want to be guaranteed to get Rodon and you can afford to sit him and observe.

Ian Happ, 2B/OF, Chicago Cubs (32% Owned On Yahoo):

I originally mentioned Ian Happ here in week 8. At the time, Happ had just gotten called up and his ownership was 38%, he has since gone down in ownership by 6% and I have no idea why. Over the past two weeks, Happ has hit 5 home runs with 12 RBI and a .364 average. He’s also hitting in advantageous spots in the Chicago Cubs lineup. One of the signs of Borderline Personality Disorder is constantly changing your mind (or at least that’s what Google says), and I say this because I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Joe Maddon suffers from this affliction. He can’t seem to stick with a lineup for more than a day and he does weird shit with his lineup like hitting one of his best power hitters (Anthony Rizzo) first. That being said, Happ is usually in the lineup hitting somewhere between 2nd and 4th and that means he’s surrounded by players like Rizzo and Kris Bryant so he’s going to keep seeing juicy balls to hit. Happ is a legitimate power force and he should now be second base eligible in every league (another pet project of Joe Maddon’s seems to be getting all of his infielders 2B eligibility: Happ, Baez, Russell, soon to be Rizzo…). There are very few fantasy teams who wouldn’t benefit from having Happ, so don’t hesitate to grab him, his bat is real.

Franklin Barreto, SS, Oakland Athletics (12% Owned On Yahoo):

And here he is! I have a huge mancrush on Franklin Barreto, and have had for some time. I think Enzo would agree that he’s a Certified G and a Bonafide Stud. Take a look back at what I had to say about Franklin in week 4. I still think everything I said about Barreto applies. The kid can flat out hit. I think the comparison to Francisco Lindor is very real here as Barreto has good speed with burgeoning power and will hit for a great average. Looking back at 2015 when Lindor got called up, he played in 99 games and put up 12 HR with 12 SB and a .313 average, while it’s lofty to say that Barreto will match those numbers, it isn’t out of the question given his talent. I think a more reasonable expectation is 8 HR with 15 SB and .290 average but I’m really just setting a floor for what you should expect going forward this season. Barreto will also have 2B eligibility shortly as it is expected that he’ll be the everyday second baseman for the A’s now. If you have never listened to me about any other pickups, please do yourself a favor, pick this kid up now! You will not regret it.

That’s it for another week my friends. Have I mentioned that you should pick up Franklin Barreto by the way? Because you really should! As always, don’t be afraid to holler at me below!

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