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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Adds Week 11

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Waiver Wire Adds. We’re on week 11 at this point and only a month away from the All Star Break. We’ll start to see major league trades develop as teams get a better understanding of whether they are contenders or rebuilding and we’ll start to see some young talent get the call up to prove themselves for the remainder of the season. I’m here to help you get the W in your fantasy league and obviously waiver wire adds are a big part of that but trading can also be beneficial. I want to throw out one guy you should all be targeting in trades right now – Anthony Rizzo. I am not a huge Rizzo fan and I think he tends to be a little overrated, however, he has quietly racked up 8 games played at 2B this year and in most formats, 10 games would make him eligible at the position. A stud first baseman like Rizzo with 2B eligibility would immediately make him significantly more valuable. Just something to keep in mind if the Rizzo owner hasn’t noticed and is willing to move him for a decent price. On to the adds…

Felipe Rivero, RP, Pittsburgh Pirates (51% Owned on Yahoo) and Juan Nicasio, RP, Pittsburgh Pirates (25% Owned on Yahoo):

Tony Watson has flamed out as closer in Pittsburgh despite their every effort to keep him in the role. He has been so bad for so long at this point, I do not expect he will sniff the 9th again this season, if ever. That leaves a dreaded closer by committee in Pittsburgh until they inevitably trade somebody away in their rebuild. Basically, Felipe Rivero is the pitcher with the skills and he should be the one to own but the economics of baseball may hold him back (he’s cheaper for the Pirates to keep if he’s a lights out reliever rather than closer). Additionally, the Pirates may want to boost up the trade value of Juan Nicasio by showcasing him in the closer role. Either way, I think Rivero is the guy you want long term but both should see saves in the short term so grab either or both and ride the saves for as long as you can.

CC Sabathia, SP, New York Yankees (50% Owned on Yahoo):

As a general rule, I try not to suggest adding guys who are old as all shit because the upside is usually limited. In the case of CC Sabathia, I will make an exception. CC is no longer anywhere close to the top pitcher he was in the old days, however, he is the kind of veteran who has gone from being a “thrower” to a “pitcher” and he is at least capable of okay peripheral numbers (think 3.5-3.6 ERA and 1.25-1.30 Whip). Where Sabathia will really shine for you is the win column. He has 5 wins in the past month (along with an unsustainable 1.11 ERA and .96 Whip) and the Yankees look like a legitimate hitting machine. Sabathia has always been the kind of guy who can go deep enough into games to get you wins and with an actual offense behind him, there is no reason he can’t keep adding wins. He has 7 on the year and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him end with 16-18 wins in total. Basically, he is the new Bartolo Colon with a little more strikeout potential (not the stinking turd that is Bartolo this year, but the one from the Mets for the past 4 years). If you need help in Wins and CC is available, he is the kind of guy who shouldn’t hurt but can definitely help round out your pitching staff.

Mallex Smith, OF, Tampa Bay Rays (27% Owned on Yahoo):

Mallex Smith was a fairly well regarded speed prospect coming up through the minors in Atlanta. He has been patiently waiting for his chance to crack the Rays outfield and with a pretty nasty hip injury to Kevin Kiermaier, he now has his chance. In his first game up, he hit a home run and stole 3 bases, so your league mates may have already taken notice. However, if you are need of speed and he is available in your league, you should absolutely pick him up. He is capable of stealing 25-30 bases over the remainder of this season if he gets full playing time.

Pat Neshek, RP, Philadelphia Phillies (21% Owned on Yahoo):

We haven’t had much drama at the closer position for the past couple of weeks, so of course, we were due for a little action this week. We already looked at the Pirates situation, now we move to the other side of Pennsylvania and look at what the Phillies have happening. By all accounts Hector Neris should still be the closer in Philadelphia, but Pat Neshek has been unhittable this year with a .82 ERA and .77 Whip and he recorded a save this week. Pete Mackanin, the manager, has suggested that Neshek may see more saves chances while Neris works through an issue with his splitter. Also, Neshek himself has confirmed that he expects to be traded soon, which would give the Phillies a reason to audition him in the closer role short term to prove to contenders that he could be a valuable piece in their bullpen. I don’t necessarily expect him to rack up saves and Neris is likely still the guy in Philly but if Neshek moves to a team that needs him to close, he could have value down the stretch. Worth a speculative add.

Lewis Brinson, OF, Milwaukee Brewers (21% Owned on Yahoo):

We’ve been spoiled with prospect over the past few years, first with Carlos Correa and then with Trea Turner and Gary Sanchez. All were highly regarded prospects who came up and hit the cover off the ball without ever looking back. You can say what you want about all of them dropping off a bit in their second seasons (which really they had to based on unsustainable levels of production), they won a lot of people their leagues in their opening seasons. I am not saying that Lewis Brinson is going to match the kind of performances we’ve seen by these players, but there’s always a chance. He’s been hitting .312 in the minors with 6 home runs and 7 steals and he should offer a nice power-speed combo for the Brewers. I don’t expect Brinson to get full time at-bats because the Brewers have a strong outfield that only gets better whenever Ryan Braun is healthy enough to rejoin the team. As we’ve seen with other young hitters though, if Brinson hits, he’ll play. He is definitely worth a long look for anybody in need of outfield help.

That concludes another week of waiver wire advice. Remember there is still time left to win (or lose) your baseball season. This is the time of year where people fall off in paying attention and it is the most important time to keep your focus so you can maintain your edge on the others! As always, don’t be afraid to holler at me in the comments below!

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