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Cersei Lannister’s Revenge Narrative Creates Dez Bryant GoT Fantasy Upside

Similar to her brother, Cersei Lannister enters Season 6 of Game of Thrones thirsting for blood. This gives her massive, Dez Bryant levels of bounce back upside.

Cersei is fresh off a haunting Walk of Shame. Stripped of her power, clothes, and dignity, she was paraded through the streets ass naked while mud, insults, and human excrement were heaved at her in equal amounts. All of this harrowing nightmare further emphasized by the relentless ringing of a bell and insistent reminder, “Shame!”


Dez, similarly, played injured and with a gaggle of quarterbacks. The two most definitely love serving their haters shit to eat. Now needing to prove their doubters wrong,  both will rise to the task at ferocious speed.


Murder: Cersei’s no subscriber to Ned Stark’s noble philosophy: “The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” Often letting others do her dirty work, Cersei’s murder upside has typically been limited in GoT Fantasy.

Yet, in a chilling Season 6 trailer, Cersei is told “Order your men to step aside or there will be violence.” Her bold response hints at unforeseen levels of upside:

“I choose violence.”


Sex Points: Disturbingly, Cersei’s sex point projection mirrors that of her twin brother. Click here to get an accurate picture of her ceiling in this department.

She does have a slightly more whorish past than Jaime, giving her slightly more upside in this category. Similar to Dez, we see some high levels of slaying in Cersei’s Season 6 future.

Drinking: Here is where the former Queen will really pay dividends for investors. A well-established booze bag, this women has been deprived of her gasoline while locked in the cell of the Sparrows. It’d be an upset if she turned to anything other than a deep red the second it’s available. We could see our greatest Cersei boozing upside yet. Lots of full chug and post-slay drinks potential.


Summary: In a thin female character pool, Cersei offers the highest ceiling by far. Her newfound murder ceiling when combined with the sex and drinking floor make The Fallen Queen a top-5 target for future investors.


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